Holiday..... celebrate!

From Friday I'm of on a bit of a holiday. Going to visit some friends in Pretoria and then we're of to Durbs for a few days by the sea. All ready filled the car up, and going to do some major packing tonight. So tomorrow after work I'm hitting the road! Jay!!!


High Society

So.... I'm busy sketching some ideas for a challenge at A Fashionable Challenge. The theme is High Society. My initial idea was to have girls in evening dresses playing croquet while sipping on champers..... you know very decadent. Playing and boozing while the rest of us have to work for our daily bread.

That kinda let me to secret societies and masked balls where the guests are anonymous so I started drawing masks on all of them...........a high society, secret society masked ball!


Roll up, Roll up!!

Hurrah! for the first post! I think some colourful balloons are in order. I did this drawing especially to celebrate the occasion ;)