The Dancer

Done for A Fashionable Challenge..... it's inspired by the female characters from the ballet Swan Lake, the white swan Odette and the magicians daughter Odile.

While looking for inspiration for this prompt I checked out Polyvore on recommendation of a fellow blogger.......and fell hook line and sinker, oh I spent hours over there putting together sets. It a great place to get some inspiration for the fashion illustration challenges that I take part in. If you are in any way into fashion.....go and check it out. I promise you'll waste a few hours playing around there!!

Here is the set that I created as inspiration for the illo.............



Red, White and Blue

The theme for the week over at A fashionable Challenge is Red, White and Blue. Possibly one of my favorite colour combo's......EVER. Can't really say why I'm so in love with it, but my inspiration scrap book is full of red, white and blue pages...

......and this is just the highlights package, there actually more, a lot more;)

and this is how the drawing was born.......first a doodle on a piece of office scrap paper....then a pencil sketch......and finally the finished product, coloured in Photoshop.

I made the old pages in Photoshop using this awesome tutorial from PSHero.


Shaky for Illustration Friday

I'm very shaky on high heels....and sometimes even supermodels get a bit shaky, just ask Naomi Campbell her thoughts on these Vivienne Westwood platforms. They made her catwalk roadkill in Westwood's 1993 Autumn/Winter show;)