What I Wore Today

I'm a bit of a Flickr addict and one of my newest obsessions over there is the awesome What I wore Today(drawings only) group. It's packed with absolutely gorgeous illustrations and great fashion inspiration. It's so fascinating checking out what the members from all over the world is wearing and what they have to say about their clothing and the day their having, and the BEST part is that it's all drawings....which I think is so much more evocative than taking a piccie of yourself in the bathroom mirror. You can really create a mood/feeling in a drawing that's hard to capture in a photograph when your not a professional photographer and have only yourself and your limited wardrobe to work with.

Also I have never in my life been able to keep a journal or diary, I just struggle to keep to a routine like that.....but I find this is working for me so far. It combines two of my passions - drawing and clothing, and I think it will be interesting to page through the book in the future and look back at what you wore.



This just proves that I'll use any excuse to draw a girl with loads of hair;)


Austere vs Party Girl

Two polar opposites.....both done for A Fashionable Challenge

Austere by

I went for a bit of revolutionary chic with the Austere prompt....he he he

nothing bad
nothing bad by danettemaree featuring

and a bit of frothy pink fun for the Party Girl prompt.



Done for Illustration Friday, the theme is Magnify......which gives me a brilliant excuse to draw a pirate chick with a spyglass;)



A modern Persephone striding from the underworld in skin tight pants and killer heels;) Done a few weeks back for the Goddess prompt on A fashionable Challenge.



Sailors have caution......

The scanner kinda messed up her nice gold and silver jewellery.... ah well


The Little Black Dress

Done for A Fashionable Challenge. I think the little black dress is such an enduring favorite because of it's amazing versatility. You can dress it up diffrently each time you wear it.



Work in Progress

I'm trying my best to catch up on the challenges over at A fashionable Challenge. The last month have been sooo hectic but it's a bit better now and I'm trying to squeeze some drawing time in. So here is what I'm busy with at the moment......I've scanned the drawings in their rough state, before I start to neaten it up to colour. I love to have a copy of the drawings before I start erasing all the rough lines and guides that I use when plotting the figure....I think there is often something very dynamic about them cause they're done so quickly.

I also found a few rough sketches I scanned a while ago. These where for previous drawing challenges and mostly done on pieces of scrap paper. I always tend to loose these little sketches so I thought I'd save them before they made their bid for freedom. It's fun to look at them and then see the final product........ these where for the Tote Bag challenge on Everyday Matters.

This was for the Love prompt on A fashionable Challenge

This was for the Artist also on A Fashionable Challenge


The Dancer

Done for A Fashionable Challenge..... it's inspired by the female characters from the ballet Swan Lake, the white swan Odette and the magicians daughter Odile.

While looking for inspiration for this prompt I checked out Polyvore on recommendation of a fellow blogger.......and fell hook line and sinker, oh I spent hours over there putting together sets. It a great place to get some inspiration for the fashion illustration challenges that I take part in. If you are in any way into fashion.....go and check it out. I promise you'll waste a few hours playing around there!!

Here is the set that I created as inspiration for the illo.............



Red, White and Blue

The theme for the week over at A fashionable Challenge is Red, White and Blue. Possibly one of my favorite colour combo's......EVER. Can't really say why I'm so in love with it, but my inspiration scrap book is full of red, white and blue pages...

......and this is just the highlights package, there actually more, a lot more;)

and this is how the drawing was born.......first a doodle on a piece of office scrap paper....then a pencil sketch......and finally the finished product, coloured in Photoshop.

I made the old pages in Photoshop using this awesome tutorial from PSHero.


Shaky for Illustration Friday

I'm very shaky on high heels....and sometimes even supermodels get a bit shaky, just ask Naomi Campbell her thoughts on these Vivienne Westwood platforms. They made her catwalk roadkill in Westwood's 1993 Autumn/Winter show;)


EDM 229_Draw a summer joy

Okay so maybe not......I'm in the middle of the S.hemisphere winter, so no ice cream, cold beer, flip flops, peaches or any of the other wonderful summer joys everybody have been drawing.

So here is my WINTER joy.......wait for it......scarfs!!! I have loads, I wear one every day, I knit them myself. I'm NOT a winter person.....hate being cold, but scarfs take the edge of the suckiest season of the year.

The drawing was coloured in Photoshop.....I had a quiet afternoon at work;)

the pencil drawing.....before I made it purty!



A lace jacket worn by my gran to her wedding (I just changed the colour for the illustration). She and my grandpa eloped so she didn't wear a traditional white full length wedding dress, but a smart little lace dress with this jacket over. I still have the jacket and wear it occasionally:)

The Artist

An illustration done for A Fashionable Challenge. The prompt went something like this; 'This week we're looking at creative types, creative dress sense - eccentric, colourful, crazy or strong statements!'
I found inspiration from one of my favourite artists, Frida Kahlo. I recently bought a book about Frida's clothes called Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. It is a gorgeous book specifically about her clothes......lots of beautiful full colour photos, showing the amazing colours and detail like weaving, lace and embroidery.


EDM 227_ Draw a Tote Bag

I'm a bit tired of my own bags and wishing I could splash out on a gorgeous new one......for example the fab Eep Bag from Skinny la Minx . It's nice and big with all kinds of nifty pockets on the inside.....perfect for my sketch books, story books, stationery and all the other random stuff I lug around every day.



Flash back to the 80's

Another prompt from A fashionable Challenge, this one was a lot of fun to draw. Fashion in the 80's was so over the top and out there, you can really go crazy when illustrating it. This look was inspired by Madonna's look in Desperately Seeking Susan. I know the clothing in that movie is more black, but for some reason I struggle when colouring some thing black..... it's either to light and ends up looking grey or this to dark and it just looks flat. I also drew a little ra-ra skirt instead of those horrible men's style 80's pants........and I did some white lace tights for fun, although you can't really see the lace pattern on the computer screen. I remember my Barbie doll had a pair of pink lace tights that I loved!!


More Craving

the inspiration

the rough sketches

the final product



When I read this weeks prompt, the first thing that came to mind was cake, then I thought of Marie Antoinette and that led me to all the things that she craved. I suppose she got a lot of the things she craved for......diamonds, shoes, dresses. But I also imagine she craved some things that she could never have... privacy for example. I can't even begin to imagine giving birth in a room so full of people that you pass out from lack of air.


EDM_1 Draw a shoe

My first go at a Every Day Matters challenge and I started right at the beginning. Actually I just really wanted to draw these beautiful shoes. It's not something I'll ever wear. I'll a flip flop or converse sneaker kinda gal, these towering heels terrify me.........but they sure are pretty :) oh yes they are for Louis Vuitton should anybody want to rush to the shops!


College Girl

Done for A fashionable Challenge. My college girl is an art student, if that explains the slightly
eccentric get up. I was lucky enough to go to an art collage after high school and the dress code was very much "everything goes". Some days it felt like you've stumbled into a fancy dress party or a mass escape from the set of Hair...........I LOVED it!!