What I Wore Today

I'm a bit of a Flickr addict and one of my newest obsessions over there is the awesome What I wore Today(drawings only) group. It's packed with absolutely gorgeous illustrations and great fashion inspiration. It's so fascinating checking out what the members from all over the world is wearing and what they have to say about their clothing and the day their having, and the BEST part is that it's all drawings....which I think is so much more evocative than taking a piccie of yourself in the bathroom mirror. You can really create a mood/feeling in a drawing that's hard to capture in a photograph when your not a professional photographer and have only yourself and your limited wardrobe to work with.

Also I have never in my life been able to keep a journal or diary, I just struggle to keep to a routine like that.....but I find this is working for me so far. It combines two of my passions - drawing and clothing, and I think it will be interesting to page through the book in the future and look back at what you wore.