How I draw....

I love reading of and looking at different people's creative processes. I LOVE to seen how every body's brain works in a different manner and how their process influence their work. When I draw I almost always start with a VERY rough thumbnail. It helps me pin down the ideas that float around inside me head and try out different possibilities without worrying about how its looking. These drawings I do on any scrap of paper that has the misfortune of crossing my path at that moment, most often pieces of scrap paper doing the rounds on my desk at the office. I also lose these drawings almost as soon as I am done with them. (I should do it in a sketchbook, but I hate having to page around to find what I'm looking for, if they are on bits of paper I can spread them around me when I start the final drawing).

Here is the first rough thumbnail I did for the Parade prompt on Illustration Friday

And here is the finished drawing........miles apart hmn!!

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  1. It's always nice to see an artist's process.

    I looked up "Moomin" and yes, the Burtopotamus DOES give a Moomins feel, hahaha. Thanks for checking out my stuff!