The Dancer

Done for A Fashionable Challenge..... it's inspired by the female characters from the ballet Swan Lake, the white swan Odette and the magicians daughter Odile.

While looking for inspiration for this prompt I checked out Polyvore on recommendation of a fellow blogger.......and fell hook line and sinker, oh I spent hours over there putting together sets. It a great place to get some inspiration for the fashion illustration challenges that I take part in. If you are in any way into fashion.....go and check it out. I promise you'll waste a few hours playing around there!!

Here is the set that I created as inspiration for the illo.............



  1. gorgeous drawings and what a nice poster too. :) I really like the color of the skin, and how you did the hair, and how it flows :) And they are nothing less than fashionable absolutely! ^^

  2. wow - i haven't been in here in a while and have missed it - such beautiful stuff as usual - keep painting!!