EDM 229_Draw a summer joy

Okay so maybe not......I'm in the middle of the S.hemisphere winter, so no ice cream, cold beer, flip flops, peaches or any of the other wonderful summer joys everybody have been drawing.

So here is my WINTER joy.......wait for it......scarfs!!! I have loads, I wear one every day, I knit them myself. I'm NOT a winter person.....hate being cold, but scarfs take the edge of the suckiest season of the year.

The drawing was coloured in Photoshop.....I had a quiet afternoon at work;)

the pencil drawing.....before I made it purty!


  1. Danette,
    I visited and looked at your blog all the way back to the beginning! I love your Fashionable Challenges and look forward to seeing how you also interpret the Everyday Matters challenges going forward. Your style is FANTASTIC!

  2. I really like the raw sketch :) It shows a lot of character. But of course Photoshop is always a great tool to use to bring out the colors and the beauty of the design. :) Awesome!

  3. Hi,

    I followed you here from your comment on my blog and see you are a site I visit often.

    What did you use to color your girl and her scarf to make her pretty? I like the look.


  4. fantastic masthead! and I love "Flashback to the 80s"
    i think i had a shirt with figures like that on it, circa '88!

    thank you so much for your kind comment :)

  5. Oh, I love your linework! Maybe that's why I have neglected teaching myself color: I'm so in love with line! This is beautiful!

  6. hi there! I'm so happy to have discovered your work..and I've chosen you for an award..check out my blog for more info. Have a great weekend!!
    Love your linework, it's fantastic!!