Flash back to the 80's

Another prompt from A fashionable Challenge, this one was a lot of fun to draw. Fashion in the 80's was so over the top and out there, you can really go crazy when illustrating it. This look was inspired by Madonna's look in Desperately Seeking Susan. I know the clothing in that movie is more black, but for some reason I struggle when colouring some thing black..... it's either to light and ends up looking grey or this to dark and it just looks flat. I also drew a little ra-ra skirt instead of those horrible men's style 80's pants........and I did some white lace tights for fun, although you can't really see the lace pattern on the computer screen. I remember my Barbie doll had a pair of pink lace tights that I loved!!


  1. I love your work, very interesting. You live in S Africa? I was born and lived for 12 years in W Africa...