Work in Progress

I'm trying my best to catch up on the challenges over at A fashionable Challenge. The last month have been sooo hectic but it's a bit better now and I'm trying to squeeze some drawing time in. So here is what I'm busy with at the moment......I've scanned the drawings in their rough state, before I start to neaten it up to colour. I love to have a copy of the drawings before I start erasing all the rough lines and guides that I use when plotting the figure....I think there is often something very dynamic about them cause they're done so quickly.

I also found a few rough sketches I scanned a while ago. These where for previous drawing challenges and mostly done on pieces of scrap paper. I always tend to loose these little sketches so I thought I'd save them before they made their bid for freedom. It's fun to look at them and then see the final product........ these where for the Tote Bag challenge on Everyday Matters.

This was for the Love prompt on A fashionable Challenge

This was for the Artist also on A Fashionable Challenge

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