The Little Black Dress

Done for A Fashionable Challenge. I think the little black dress is such an enduring favorite because of it's amazing versatility. You can dress it up diffrently each time you wear it.



  1. Really awesome work, Danielle! Love the little black dress and how you've changed the looks so dramatically...the poses and colors in your pieces are confident and strong...so very well done! Love the textures...can I ask how you created that lovely "organza" feel to the skirts? It even looks like watercolor..fantastic.

  2. Hey Shirley,

    Thanks so much for stopping by:)
    Everything is coloured in Photoshop.....the skirt is done with a very low oppacity and flow. Then I just keep on layering the colour till the black gets dark enough....hope it helps:)

  3. This little black dress is looking so nice!! I like the whole matching accessories too...